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Let us start by understanding the first question, What Are Robocalls?

The word “Robocalls” is a combination of two words, robo, and calls. The former is a short form of a robot whereas we know the meaning of the latter. Together, robocalls mean the calls that are previously recorded and are made on behalf of a political party or any company that wants to sell its products.

The purpose of making robocalls is simply to save the time and reduce the manpower required to call each and every person from scratch and tell them the entire promotional plan over and over again. What telemarketers do is they record the message for once and feed it in a system, which already contains a full-fledged database of several phone numbers. The system keeps on calling the number turn wise and keeps on playing the same recorded message once the receiver picks the call.

We, as receivers, get irritated and frustrated by such calls. Sometimes we are waiting for an important call and when an unknown number flashes on our screen, we tend to get excited. But, all the excitement goes in vain when the call is simply a robocall.

I hope you might have got the answer to the question “What Are Robocalls?” Now moving on to the next question, why do companies make such calls?

Well, the answer is quite simple. It consumes a lot of time as well as it requires a huge number of workers to pick one number at a time, from a database, and then place a call to the customers. On top of that, another added factor is that the telecaller do have to repeat the same message to every person. Some might show some interest in the offer while others simply hang up the call. Therefore, to eliminate all the hassle, companies use an automated system to circulate the same message to a wider audience.

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