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Let us begin by understanding what actually are Robocalls?

In brief, these are the computer initiated calls made at your number, without any actual caller being at the other end. Once you receive these calls, you are welcomed by a silence pause.

If you are being harassed by such calls lately and you want to put an end to them, then first try using these tips to Stop Robocalls.

  • Do not pick calls from unknown numbers.
  • If you end up picking it up, do not hung up straightaway. This will make the telemarketer put your call into “no answer” and then they will call you back again and again until you answer them.
  • Do not cooperate with the telemarketer in any term. This will lead them towards making you another call assuming you are interested in their offer.
  • Do not hung up mid-conversation because this will give them an idea that you have some network issues and was not able to complete the conversation.
  • There is no point in getting angry with the telecaller because it is the computer that dialed your number and not the telemarketer. Hence, if you talk rudely with them, they will annoy you time and again.

Well, if you have tried all the above tips and still these Robocalls won’t stop bothering you, then you need to seek professional help.

Stop Robocalls

You will be amazed to know that in 1991, Congress came up with Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) under which you can sue institutions such as debt collectors, student loan companies, credit card companies, check cashier companies, mortgage companies, finance companies, banks, retailers, companies that call about free offers and others, if they make repeated Robocalls on your number. An icing on the cake is that the compensatory amount that you can get can range between $500 and $1500.

Although you can put Robocall number on Do Not Call List, but why do so when you can make extra money by simply sitting at home? To claim this amount, contact Stop Robocalls today!

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