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How To Seek Financial Compensation From Robocalls:

  • Receive up to $1000 in statutory damages, or more in actual damages!
  • Get up to $500-$1500 per illegal robocall or text message!
  • The harassing party takes care of all your legal fees!100% FREE CASE REVIEW!
  • In 1991, Congress passed the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). It limits the use of autodialed calls, or robocalls, and pre-recorded messages being used for solicitations by companies. Then this was applied to text messages and faxes. It is meant to protect you from these unwarranted and unwanted means of communication meant to harass you, allowing you to fight back and get the peace of mind you deserve. Companies require written consent to make these robocalls, if they do not then they are breaking the laws of the TCPA. Visit our TCPA page to learn more. If you would like to learn more on how to stop robocalls, read our latest blog post.

    You Can Sue The Following Institutions:

    • Debt Collectors
    • Student Loan Companies
    • Credit Card Companies
    • Check Cashing Companies
    • Mortgage Companies
    • Finance Companies
    • Banks
    • Retailers
    • Companies that call about free cruises, rewards, promotions, etc.
    • And so many more!

    Stop RoboCalls and Stop Telemarketers Today!

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    How You Might Be Making It Worse!

    A lot of individuals create easy mistakes that result in many additional calls. Here are the things you would like to avoid:
    • Do not right away hang up the phone. This leads the telemarketer marking your lead as "no answer" and will continuously call you back till they really have spoken with you.
    • Do not have any cooperation with the telemarketer in any approach. This gives them the wrong expectation that you need some persuading to buy their product. Do not ask questions. Do not make a case for why you're not interested in the product. Do not show empathy or different human characteristics.
    • Do not get angry at the telemarketer. Remember, the computer selected your lead, not the caller. If you scream at them as a result of you have gotten called before, this will not make them sympathetic to your case. It's possible they will just place you back to the lead pool to torture you. If the telemarketer is being rude, you'll be able to ask to talk to a manager. Despite what they may say, every campaign and business have a supervisor within the call room.
    • Do not quit mid-conversation and hang up the call without any explanation. This may possibly lead to the telemarketer calling you back, claiming you got "disconnected." If you do not answer then, they will continue to keep calling.
    • Do not let the telemarketer call you back at an another time. something that is not a hard 'no' is going to be understood as a chance to call you back. Once you say "This is not a decent time," the telemarketer hears "Call me back later!" after you say "Sorry, I do not have time to speak regarding this right now" the telemarketer hears "I can get this another day!"
    Telemarketers are given a script that tells them how to reply to every disagreement, therefore the less you have interaction with them, the better.

    How We Can Help You Stop The Harassing Robocalls.

    We are currently offering free case reviews to clients. During the case review, our attorneys will determine if you are eligible to receive compensation between $500-$1500 per call and text. Make sure to keep logs of all unwanted robocalls and text messages through recordings, screenshots of who called and/or who texted, when they called and/or texted, and how many times they called and/or texted. Our attorneys can build a case for you by gathering all of your records of calls and texts and then filing a TCPA lawsuit against any company engaging in this harassment. It is 100% free to have your case reviewed and our law firm only collects a fee based on a percentage of whatever you receive. So if we don’t get you money, you don’t owe us anything.
    • You can receive $1000 in statutory damages and more in actual damages!
    • The TCPA lets you collect $500-$1500 per illegal robocall or text message! You pay us nothing! The company harassing you covers our fees!
    • If  you don't get money, we don't either, so the burden is on us!
    • 100% FREE CASE REVIEW! You pay nothing out of your pocket!

    So call us, email, or fill out our online form today! And Stop Robocalls Today!

    The Tariq Law Firm, PLLC. is committed to helping you fight unwanted robocalls and messages, get you the damages you are entitled to, and get you the peace you deserve from these harassing companies. If you believe you are a victim, get in touch with us today!

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