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Call-Blocking Apps Could STOP You From Winning BIG Against Robo Calls


If you’re having trouble with Robo Calls you may have heard from a friend, on the news, or the Internet of spam-call blockers. The most popular of these spam-call blockers circling the web currently is an application titled “Nomorobo.” This application along with many others of the same nature seek to put an end to all of those annoying auto-dialed calls that come equipped with pre-recorded messages or long tones of silence before being redirected over to a human representative. WCall-Blocking Apps Could STOP You From Winning BIG Against Robo Callershile this may seem like a desirable app to download, it actually deprives you of a much greater financial opportunity.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was enacted to come down hard on telemarketers, debt collectors, and many more companies for making use of an auto-dialer, which allows companies to reach out to thousands of individuals with the press of a button. As a result, for those companies that continue to violate federal law by using an auto-dialer, victims are entitled to extraordinary amounts of compensation per illegal call, and a victim just like you can take advantage of that!


By downloading the “Nomorobo” application or another spam-call blocker you effectively strip yourself of not only the opportunity to assert your legal rights against these harassing companies but also from making them pay up for their federal violations. Companies making these illegal calls can be forced to pay up to $1,500 per illegal call to your cell phone. So instead of paying for a service that prevents Robo Calls from coming through to your phone, put the money in your pocket and SUE THEM! Don’t spend your hard earned money on something you’re entitled to be free of in the first place; the law is on your side!


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